Water Design-Build Council Annual Report and Infographic

The year 2015 marked WDBC’s 10th anniversary, and they were in need of both an annual report and infographic that would reflect this “Decade of Progress”. Having worked on their 2014 report, I was familiar with the layout and feel of their annual reports, but the infographic was a new challenge.

For the report itself, I created page layouts and graphics to organize the copy and data for the WDBC members who would read it. This included graphs and charts for any statistics, as well as more visual diagrams of member states and key industry data. It was important that both the layout and content of these materials maintained WDBC brand standards, and I drew on their color palette in order to call attention to key data and copy.

In order to speak more to the theme of this particular report, it was arranged by year, in a timeline fashion, with each spread referring to a certain span of WDBC history. In addition, the cover of this report was a compilation of their design-build work over the years, and a timeline was included to show the leadership changes that were made over that time.

The infographic was ultimately meant to be used at tradeshows, where WDBC members would have the opportunity to talk more about who they are and what they do. They wanted the infographic to be an eye-catching, tangible printed document that they could hand out to attendees. By making the document legal-sized, rather than letter-size, my goal was to create a handout that quite literally sticks out from all the rest. While it did include information from the annual report, it focused primarily on showcasing WDBC and encouraging readers to become new members.

WDBC 2015 Annual Report Cover
WDBC Annual Report Interior
WDBC Annual Report Interior
WDBC 2015 Annual Report Infographic

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