UMBC commonvision Weekly Event Posters

Over the 2012-2013 school year, I had the chance to work at commonvision: UMBC Design & Print Center as Print Production Designer. My position helped me to learn all about the print world, and to really see where digital and print collide and how they work together to create great printed products.

While at commonvision I took charge of the ongoing weekly posters that were produced to display UMBC events each week. It definitely became a big, weekly production ordeal, and I loved seeing my work come to life through the printers.

September 2012 Weekly Poster

Often I would try to make slight changes to the overall designs for each month. For September, I slowly made a visual transition into autumn.

October 2012 Weekly Poster

October Halloween 2012 Weekly Poster

Each month I created a single design – normally themed after the season or coming holidays – to use as the poster for the following four weeks. Often the design was entirely up to me, though the October 2012 UMBC Homecoming design was a bit more guided since we needed to showcase the Homecoming events happening earlier in the month. Once that was over, I could use my second, Halloween design for the final two weeks.

December 2012 Weekly Poster

February 2013 Weekly Poster

Once the initial design was created, I would go through the process of adding all the UMBC events for the coming week. It was always a bit of a puzzle to see if the different events would fit within my monthly design.

Each week the events would have to be updated, and every Friday I manned commonvision’s large-format printers and spent the entire day printing out the posters for the next week – there were 27  total, of varying sizes, so it took some time.

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