Healthcare Masonry Systems Infographics

In June 2015, the International Masonry Institute wrote a blog on masonry systems in healthcare facilities, and they wanted our team to create a graphic that would help support and clarify the information they were presenting to their audience.

The first infographic was developed from the original content I was given. I created icons to represent the different positive qualities of each type of masonry system. My goal was to quickly convey the value of each individual product as well as to help a reader see which one fits their own needs.

After this infographic was created, though, the client decided they wanted a less visual, yet more informational graphic to really show off the benefits of these products.

The table-based infographic was the final result of this switch. It allowed for much more information to be shown in a more condensed space, while still giving the audience a clearer picture of the pros and cons of the five listed masonry systems.

Healthcare Masonry Systems Infographic


Healthcare Masonry Systems Table

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