Brandobility Infographic and Presentation Design

Brandobility is a digital asset management company that focuses on keeping their clients’ brands consistent across all of their content.

After running their annual digital asset management survey by a variety of industry professionals, Brandobility wanted to be able to provide and share this information with those key survey participants, as well as their own audience.

Brandobility would ultimately need both an infographic and an accompanying webinar presentation so that they could share this information visually – on their own blog and within emails – and through a live webinar.

Brandobility Infographic

The data that Brandobility had gathered needed to be broken down into clear and relevant bits. Taking a look at the information their survey had gathered, I began to use Illustrator to build out charts and graphics that would help the information make more sense at a quick glance.

As with all of my clients, it was very important that I stick closely to the company’s core brand style guidelines – ensuring that the infographic and webinar slides belonged to their brand as a whole, all while creating graphics that were completely unlike anything they had used in the past. I relied heavily on large blocks of color to draw attention to key points of data and to create visual interest.

Brandobility Webinar

Once the infographic was complete, I used the data and elements from within it to structure a slide deck that could be used for Brandobility’s live webinar. For the most part, graphics remained the same, with some reformatting for the new layout, and focus on particular points of information.

Brandobility DAM Infographic

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