Alpha Pointe Capital

G & M Investment Group came to me looking to rebrand their business as Alpha Pointe Capital. The first step in their brand overhaul was to have an entirely new logo designed, along with an encompassing brand style guide.

After receiving Alpha Pointe Capital’s answers to my brand questionnaire – a comprehensive list of questions that helps me to see where their brand currently stands – I built a moodboard to lay out my initial thoughts and present them to the client. I grouped my ideas into three themes based on their choices of adjectives like “experienced,” “strong” and “trustworthy” within the brand questionnaire. The moodboard allowed me to be sure that I was headed in the right direction, and it assured the client that we were on the same page regarding their new mark.

APC Moodboard

During the development of the logo concepts, I was able to understand what the client wanted and needed and could continue to narrow the focus from my initial variety of designs. When the Alpha Pointe Capital team hooked onto a singular “A” emblem, I slowly made refinements to the logo – communicating with their team the whole way – until reaching the final, geometric “A” design. Color and typography soon followed, all geared toward a more modern look with a bright color palette to back it up.

APC Concepts

Following up on the new logo’s development, I created a visual style guide to lay out best practices for using the logos in branding materials, as well as the brand’s color palettes and typography. With an online style guide, Alpha Pointe Capital is now able to easily access and share their logo files with their own team, or external content creators, and they will be able to make updates to their brand rules as they grow.

APC Brand Style Guide

The final Alpha Pointe Capital logo has a streamlined, modern look starting from the pointed emblem to the pointed letters within the name itself. The chosen color palette brings vibrance to the brand, and allows Alpha Pointe Capital to stand out amongst competitors in their field.

APC Final Logo


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