As a professional graphic designer, I work primarily in digital 2D design and web design. However, I also enjoy working with product packaging, logo and brand creation, papercraft and the culinary arts.

I am currently working as a graphic designer and front-end web developer for Quintain Marketing, using design to boost the inbound marketing efforts of our clients. My main areas of focus include designing eBooks, Calls-to-Action and advertisements as well as creating infographics and other visuals and managing client branding. I also contribute to the Quintain team by writing blogs on design- and marketing-related topics, as well as by co-hosting the Creator’s Block podcast.

Always working to learn and improve, I do my best to keep up with the growing number of HubSpot certifications and often enjoy working on personal design projects outside of my job. To see work that I’ve done for my clients as well as work I’ve done for fun and practice, take a look at my portfolio, or check out the other work that I have posted on Behance.

I have a great amount of experience in the print production world, and thoroughly understand the relation of digital design to print. My LinkedIn resume has even more detail on my past work experiences, all of which have helped shape me into the designer I am today.

Shelby Clarke Design is my personal website where I showcase my work and write blogs on the design topics that interest me, as well as common questions I am asked and deeper dives into my development process for certain projects.

And, of course, contact me if you feel inclined! I’d love to connect and chat about any projects, mine or otherwise. I am not currently freelancing, but am willing to work on side projects that can fit into my day-to-day.